Your diversity & inclusion communication strategy matters

Your diversity & inclusion communication strategy matters

Juanita Agboola is the editor in chief of HFNE and an expert in mental health online. She has been writing about online behaviour, mental health and psychology issues since 2012. All Guides are reviewed by our editorial team which constitutes various clinical psychologists, PhD and PsyD colleagues.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in a workplace continues to be of high priority. Aside from the obvious D&I policies at work; research shows that D & I communicated the right way can actually make a workforce happier, more productive and help achieve organisation’s overall objectives.

Communicate effectively

Doing more than awareness days is significant in solidifying a company’s promise to diversity and inclusion. By promoting minority groups through internal events and initiatives shows a company’s commitment to being inclusive and will increase understanding among all staff.

Make comms relatable

In order for your D&I communications strategy to not look like a tick box criteria it is paramount that your communications is authentic. Rather than trying to illustrate so many minorities to look as though D & I is important  to your company. In order to engage your workforce staff storytelling is essential. Focusing on real and lived experiences of employees will make more of an impact on the workforce.

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