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In this guide, we will briefly talk about “Xenzone” the mental health company.

What is Xenzone?

Xenzone is a mental health organisation which was formed in 2001. It focuses on building solutions to cater for and treat mental health problems in the UK by breaking the stigmas attached to mental health and making mental health a topic everyone could speak about.

Xenzone works across the whole of the UK in over 40+ different local authorities and mainly provides online services with some face to face meetings.

Xenzone run the child friendly mental health community, Kooth bt also run Qwell and minds for life that both support users with mental wellbeing issues.

Kooth is the flagship product and has won various awards, as well as supporting over twenty thousand students a year..

Xenzone is based in Greater Manchester but also have a base in London as well.

On the about us section of the website Xenone states “ What we do

We are making clinically excellent practices available to more people so they can thrive outside the shadow of poor mental health.

Digital technology enables us to deliver services at the point of need, without having to wait, to large numbers of people and at an affordable cost.

We are strong proponents of early intervention to prevent poor mental health and as early response support. Our clinical team operate in a pluralistic framework – recognising that there are key ingredients to therapy that runs across different models. They are trained in a range psychological approaches (including CBT, DBT, humanistic and psychodynamic psychotherapy) and take an integrative approach to delivering therapy online, underpinned by an evidence base and with a strong grounding of theoretical knowledge.  “ 

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