First of all, sorry you are feeling so rubbish! It is important to take care of yourself and if that means signing off work to help yourself feel a bit better, then that is completely fine. So now to figure out what to say to a doctor to be allowed to get signed off from work with stress. It is important to be transparent about how you are feeling and to tell the doctor as much information as you feel as comfortable doing. This is to ensure the doctor has a full picture about your mental health and how much time ideally you will need of work to feel better, It is important to remember doctors are often sympathetic to needing time off work due to stress. Remember that doctors are there to help you, plus they have the experience and training to deal with such situations.

When asking permission to be signed off work, doctors are interested to know the following:

  • The symptoms you are feeling is essential
  • Be very detailed, upfront about how you are feeling
  • Clearly communicate the symptoms you’re experiencing
  • Explain your situation and what you feel are the root causes
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