What is bullying?

What is bullying

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This article will be informing readers about what it means to get bullied, bullying in the UK, helplines for this behaviour, statistics of this behaviour, charities that promote the prevention of this behaviour, facts, help, hotlines, workplace bullying prevented by the law in the Philippines, laws on this behaviour in Ohio, and the importance of discussing this behaviour.


A bullied person is someone that has been tormented publicly or privately and this person feels distressed about this torment from an external source. This kind of situation can also happen on the internet which is known as cyberbullying. This kind of bullying occurs when a victim is personally attacked on social media either directly or indirectly. The victim may know the perpetrator or the situation that the victim was picked on.

One of the most popular kinds of bullying is racism. Racism is the attacking of people based on their races. Most Black Americans are personally attacked by this kind of situation since the stigmatization on the Black race is still rampant today. Attacking people’s different sexual orientations are also quite rampant in the present society.

Bullying UK

Bullying has been rampant in the UK but several charities and alliances are aimed at preventing this attack. This kind of action can detriment the victim’s confidence and self-worth. This can also affect people around when this kind of action was done. People get intimidated when this kind of situation arises in front of them.

This kind of action can make people fearful of being in a place where the bullying happened. In the workplace, this kind of action can make people leave work due to the fear of being in that kind of situation again. This is why an Anti-Bullying Alliance was made in the country to promote anti-bullying institutions to make people more comfortable in doing their functions at work or school. You can learn more about this kind of action by buying this book on this website.

What is bullying?

Bullying help

Help against can be accessible to students and employees. Students can acknowledge the counsellor to help them with their bullying scenarios. Unfortunately, most students are fearful of letting other people know that they are victims of this kind of situation. This can make them more embarrassed than when they were just facing this kind of situation alone.

Counsellors can reassure these students that they can keep the conversation confidential between the student. Counsellors may even make a program or workshop for all students to join that promotes anti-bullying on the campus. Employees may reach out to mental health services in their organisation if this kind of situation is what the employee is facing. Employers should promote workshops that can help in minimizing this kind of situation and continue the work morale of each employee.

What is bullying

Bullying is a kind of behaviour that tends to be repeated to hurt someone emotionally, physically, and verbally. This kind of situation can damage a victim’s psyche and willingness to go back to the place where he or she was bullied. This kind of action has different forms such as sexual harassment, physical attacks, threatening victims if they do not do what the bully wants, rude naming, and cyber attacks. Sexual harassment is rampant in the workplace when someone in authority threatens an employee for sexual favours.

This kind of situation makes employees who have seen this kind of situation distrustful of the company. Some employees are even insistent to leave the company immediately. Physical attacks tend to happen around boys on the school property which makes it more likely to be punished by a teacher who has seen this kind of spectacle happening in the campus. You can learn more about the different forms of these situations by buying this book on this website.

Bullying helpline

A National Bullying Helpline was implemented in the country to help employees, employers, and students to manage and delete bullying in the institutions. Several laws have been made to try eliminating some of these kinds of situations. Unfortunately, this kind of situation is still rising despite the laws preventing this kind of situation. This kind of helpline has a website on how to deal with this kind of situation in the proper ways.

A school should be able to implement bullying rules in the first place before any kind of bullying happens. This can be improved when teachers or any student official intervene when this kind of situation happens anywhere on the campus. Employers are also responsible for any of these situations that may happen in the workplace. These people are the first people to go to for employees who are victimized by this kind of situation.

What is bullying?

Bullying statistics UK

Statistics of incidences of bullying have been reported in the UK. It was found that 7% of children between the ages of 10-15 are involved in cyberbullying. This kind of report hasn’t changed since 2015. Verbal bullying was the most prevalent form of bullying in the country. Some minority groups have been reporting that they’ve had the most bullying incidents than other groups.

These minority groups are children under the age of 12, groups that had an ethnic background, persons with disabilities, children who are part in special classes at school, people living in poverty, students who have dropped out of school, students who have been suspended, children of a single mother or father, and citizens living outside of London. Most students would comment that schools are good at keeping this kind of situation minimized at all costs. These people may have been victims of this kind of situations which makes them more ashamed of where they came from. You can learn more about how school policies prevent this kind of situation by buying this book on this website.

Bullying facts

Bullying has been affecting children who have been victimized by these kinds of situations. These children feel like they aren’t safe in their second homes which are schools. It has been found that children below the age of 11 tend to contact the Childline group for services on managing this kind of situation. This kind of situation has also been the focus of boys who contact these kinds of services as well. 

45% of people are known to have experienced this kind of situation in their younger years. 38% of students are usually worried that they may be involved in this kind of situation again when entering a new year in school. 38% of students believe that their schools or universities do not handle this kind of situation very well. As seen in these findings, this kind of situation makes students forget the meaning of attending school in the first place which will detriment their education in the long run.

Bullying charities

Bullying charities are accessible in this country for students that are struggling with this kind of situation. One of these charities is the Young Minds Charity. This kind of charity offers information on the various forms of bullying that some students may face in their school lives. Various applications have also served to help students who are facing this kind of situation.

A student can report cyberbullying in the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). This kind of charity also offers some advice on how to deal with this kind of situation in school. Students should try to reach out to counsellors in dealing with this kind of situation to also prevent this kind of situation spreading across the school. You can learn more about how children can cope with this kind of situation by buying this book on this website.

What is bullying?

Bullying websites

An anti-bullying website can offer guidance on how people should deal with bullies. The American Psychological Association has a website for this kind of guidance. This website is called the Adults and Children Together (ACT) which offers videos on how parents should help their kids deal with bullies. This kind of website can also offer parents on teaching their kids on how to engage in non-violent problem-solving. The Eyes on Bullying website also offers guidance for people who have bullies in their lives.

This kind of website deals with any kind of audience since this is a global website. Employees who feel threatened by dominant colleagues and employers can access this site to know how to stand up to these kinds of threats. This website also offers guidance for children and parents on how they should manage this kind of situation in the child’s life and know where to turn to when this kind of situation becomes worse. Resources are available on this site where parents can work with their children on activities that can raise the child’s assertiveness against threatening people.

Bullying helplines UK

In the UK, some helplines serve the purpose of helping children face bullies in their lives. These helplines are GOV UK – Bullying at School, Kidscape, Bullying UK, Childline, Bully Busters, The Diana Award, Shout, Childnet International, The Mix, Bullies Out, ACAS, Ditch the Label, Papyrus, Students Against Depression, Campaign Against Living Miserably, The Cybersmile Foundation, Thinkuknow, The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), and Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The Gov UK website has advice on how parents should help their children in managing bullies in a legal way. The Kidscape website has a helpline that is available from Monday to Tuesday to help children at school deal with present bullies.

This kind of website can also offer counselling services for children who are suffering from this kind of situation. The Bully Busters also has a helpline that is available at any time as long as the child finds the time convenient. This kind of website can offer training sessions for children on becoming more assertive to eliminate this kind of situation in their lives. You can teach children on how they can manage bullies their way by buying this book for them on this website.

What is bullying?

Anti bullying charity

Anti-bullying charities are growing in this country. This is because of the citizen’s proneness of dealing with bullies. Many adults are facing different kinds of bullies in their lives such as employers, partners, and other colleagues. These kinds of threats can make these adults more unconfident in themselves which is a bad feeling since there is nothing wrong about people. 

The only thing that is wrong is that we always have judgments and misconceptions about most people. The Bullies Out Charity has a website where this group can offer advice on adults who are facing this kind of situation in their lives. This kind of charity has partnered up with other charities that also serve to alleviate this kind of situation. This kind of charity offers workshops and seminars for people who wish to control the bullies in their lives.

Anti bullying charity UK

The Diana Award is one of the anti-bullying charities in the UK. This charity has a website where several programs are available to promote anti-bullying. This charity also has a hub on the Facebook website for people who wish to stay connected to this kind of charity. The prevention of cyberbullying has been the main focus of this charity which gain its popularity among students that were bullied through social media.

Facts about bullying in the UK

Several facts about bullying incidents in the UK were recorded throughout the years. It was recorded that most people who are at the ages under 25 have experienced this kind of incident in almost every day of their lives. This means that a lot of people have been victimized by bullying at younger ages. Most of these people have experienced the verbal form of this kind of incident.

Victims of this kind of incident tend to become bullies themselves. This may happen to people who feel like these kinds of incidents are traumatizing to them and the only way to cope with this trauma is to get revenge on other possible victims. This can be considered as a displacement of anger against the bullies by giving this anger to a weaker person. Some of these people have experienced social isolation as a form of this incident.

Bullying hotline

Hotlines for people who are suffering from the consequences of being bullied are available on weekdays and weekends. These hotlines are here to help people to express their experiences with this kind of incident and have a sense of relief for being able to talk about it. Childline has a hotline for children who are victimized by bullying and need a professional for the understanding of this incident. Shout has contact details on their website that can help victims to text them if they wish to talk to someone about this incident.

Anti bullying UK

Anti-bullying charities in the UK are rampant across the country. The BulliesOut has training programs for people who are interested to know more about how to deal with bullies and any bullying incident. This charity also has workshops that are held in school or the workplace to minimize these incidents. This charity also aims to build confidence in people who have been involved in these incidents.

A person can be a part of this group by going to this group’s website. This charity allows people to express their feelings about this incident. This can help these people to get rid of the trauma of being in that incident. People can also receive mentoring from mental health professionals in this charity to help them learn more on how to handle this incident.

Why is it important to discuss bullying

It is important for people to discuss bullying so that potential bullies and victims can be aware that this incident is a serious matter. This can also increase the needed strategies to handle this kind of incident at school or at work. Children who are victims of this kind of incident will be reassured to know that their parents care about this matter. This can also help children to know why this kind of incident happened in the first place.

Workplace bullying philippine law

The Philippine government has several laws that protect people from experiencing bullying at school or at work. The government has a law against workplace harassment. This kind of harassment can take many forms such as sexual harassment and social isolation of the victim. This kind of harassment may happen between subordinates and employers.

Some employers abuse their power against employees due to opportunistic circumstances. These circumstances can be when the employer and employee are alone in the room. This can provoke the employer to get the employee to do his or her bidding. Most of the time, the employee feels helpless against the employer due to the fear of losing a job.

Autism bullying stories

Some children who are diagnosed with autism face a lot of bullying at such young ages. One child with autism first made a new best friend and this made her happy since she doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Until she found that this friend was only using her to make rude comments behind her back and to the child. This made her distressed for seven years which is why this incident should be destroyed at any kind of setting.

Bullying Laws in Ohio

Ohio laws about bullying promote the awareness of this incident and the prevention of this incident in schools and work settings. This kind of incident is not allowed at any form such as in writing, physical, verbal, and other forms of this incident. Unfortunately, these laws do not cover this incident outside of the school. These laws also cover the reporting procedures of this incident to school authorities.

Anti bullying helpline

Kidscape is one of the anti-bullying helplines in the UK. This helpline helps children who need to speak about their experiences in bullying. This can help them feel less alone in their struggles with this incident. This helpline is also accessible online.

This helpline can also be accessed by parents who need listeners for their distressed children. This group has a fundraising activity for a marathon. The money earned from this marathon is to help children get involved in workshops that can help them handle this incident. Assertiveness workshops of this group can help children to be more courageous in facing intimidating foes.


Bullying is an incident that can happen at any kind of social settings such as school and work. Victims feel distressed when they have struggled with this incident. This is why workshops and seminars are made to these people to help them build more confidence in facing future challenges. You can comment below on your experiences with this incident and what you can suggest in the prevention of this incident.

FAQ Questions

What is perceived power imbalance?

The perceived power imbalance is when bullies repeat their aggressive behaviour against victims.

What are the dynamics of power?

The dynamics of power is where two people are in conflict and one is more powerful than the other.

What is the power dependence theory?

The power dependence theory is when people rely on who is more powerful and the people with power use this power to make people dependent on them.

What qualifies as a hostile work environment?

A work environment that qualifies as a hostile work environment is when an employee or employer feels intimidated by other work colleagues who are involved in incidents of harassment.

Can employer threaten your job?

The employer cannot threaten you from your job since this is illegal.


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