Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

Reasons for half-day leave

In this guide, we will discuss “reasons for half-day leave”, tips on how to write a half-day leave application letter and some samples you can easily adjust to your personal circumstances.

Reasons for half-day leave

You can probably think of many valid reasons for half-day leave but not all of them will be valid for your employer.

Some companies allow their employees to request a half-day leave due to unforeseen events or circumstances, emergencies or a personal commitment.

However, this not only includes employees, but it can also be written by students that have some sort of emergency and need to request half-day and miss their classes.

When we decide to write a half-day leave letter is because we need to inform the relevant party of our absence from work or school/college/university.

If they are informed as soon as possible, your expected duties can be delegated to someone else or deadlines for exams/papers can be pushed to a later date.

If you are an employee, it also helps to formally document changes in your payment depending on your employer’s policies.

This will allow your employer to keep track of the working hours.

Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

However, consider how this should be a “once in a while” type of request and some circumstances will make it easier (or harder) to get our employer’s approval.

Consider the following factors when requesting a half-day leave:

  • Your companies organizational culture.
  • Company policies.
  • Relationship with your line manager/boss/supervisor.
  • Your work history and attendance.

Needless to say, if you are really in need of a half-day off due to personal circumstances that require your attention then be honest with your employer otherwise, refrain from asking half-day leave because you were partying last night and now you are hungover, you had a fight with a friend or girlfriend, you booked a yoga class or just because you need time to go hang out with friends at the pub. 

How do I write a half-day leave letter?

As with any other letter requesting leave, it needs to:

  • Be concise about the reason why you are requesting the half-day leave without going into a lot of detail.
  • Demonstrate genuineness and honesty in the request. 
  • Use professional and polite language towards the receiver of your letter.
  • Indicate, if possible, the related times you will be away.
  • Be formal with the content for your letter.
  • Mention any contingency plans to ensure that your leave of absence for that day won’t affect your job.
Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

In addition, attempt to frame your request the right way meaning that how you ask to leave work early will also influence the outcome.

As recommended by Alison Doyle from ‘The Balance Careers’, “The best approach in many situations is to frame your action as a request (as opposed to simply informing your supervisor that you will be leaving early). You’re more likely to get a positive response if you ask rather than tell.”

Make sure you give updates on any pending or current projects you may be working on.

This will let your boss know that your absence will actually have a minimal impact.

If possible, also mention how this will benefit your performance in the long run. 

Sample 1: Half-day leave letter (format)

We all have had unexpected or emergency situations being at work. Here is a sample of a half-day leave that you can adjust to your personal circumstances.




Date (the date on which letter is written)





Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter to inform you that I will not be able to arrive the office on time. I hereby write to request for half-day leave from ____________ to ____________. This ____________, I received a phone call from ____________ that ____________ had an emergency from ____________. I was requested to go to ____________ and pick up ____________. The ____________ facility in unable to handle such delicate cases and I have to take ____________ to a hospital.

I have liaised with ____________ to cover for me for the few hours I will be away from the office. Additionally, I have emailed you the details of the ____________ project that we are working on. ____________ is also well informed on the project, please consult with him about any additional details. 

I hope to resume my duties as soon as I have the matter handled. If any inconvenience may result from my absence, I deeply apologize. Please contact me through ____________ in case you have any queries or need clarification.

Yours Sincerely,



Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

Sample 2: Half-day leave letter




Date (Date on which letter is written)





Dear ______________,

This is to bring to your kind attention that due to ____________________, I need to take a half-day leave form my work. I need to discuss certain points with the principal and the whole process will nearly take ___________hours. After finishing up with the same, I will drop my ___________ back home and come to the office for the meeting at the earliest.

I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leave for half a day. I will come back to the office post-lunch.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Sample 3: Half-day leave


Julie Fernandez

Admin Manager

UBB Group


Date (Date on which letter is written)



personnel Manager

UBB Group

Sub: Requesting leave for half day

Dear Mr. XXXX,

I want to bring to your kind attention that my daughter’s Parent’s Teacher meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 5th of September. I need to go with her for the same. The whole process would take nearly two to three hours as I need to discuss certain things with the class teacher regarding my daughter’s performance.

I would be coming to the office post lunch after attending the meeting and dropping her back home. For this, I would request you to grant me leave for half a day so that I can attend the parent’s teacher meeting at my daughter’s school.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


Julie Fernandez”

Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

Sample 4: Half-day Leave (email)

Here is an example of a half-day leave letter due to ‘unexpected circumstance’. You can always use the format and adjust it as needed.

“Subject: Half-Day Leave Required

Dear Mr./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing this email to let you know that I will be able to come to the office only in the afternoon. I was involved in an accident today on my way to work. The police have asked me to visit the nearest police station to take down my statement. They have assured me that it will not take too much time and I can be back at the office soon.

So, please consider this email as a request for a half-day leave.



Why is this blog about reasons for half-day leave important?

We could all think about all the reasons why we could have a half-day leave.

However, as we have seen, not all of them are really good or valid reasons why we should ask for half-day off work.

If you do need to get a half-day leave due to an emergency in your family or unforeseen events then you know have the basic tips on how to write a letter and a few samples that can be adapted to your own circumstances as needed.

Remember that your request will not always be granted and if you have it as a habit then, most likely it will be denied.

Try to be patient and work with your boss to work something out that can benefit both parties.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about reasons for half day leave

What are the reasons for taking leave?

There are many reasons for taking leave but here are 7 of the most common totally justifiable:

– If you have a family emergency or commitment.

– If you are ill or have a health condition you need to attend to.

– If you would like to take advantage of the good weather.

– If you are feeling stressed out.

– If you haven’t been able to take your vacation time.

– If you need to take care of your home or your kids.

– If you feel like you can’t concentrate anymore.

What is a good reason to leave work early?

There are very good reasons to leave work early such as having unforeseen events like major damage to your home or a repair that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Also, if someone from your family had an accident then you need to go see them and be with them.

If you experience any emergency, make sure to let your employer know right away and update them when you can to let them know what is happening and when you expect to go back to work.

How do you request a half-day off?

Every employer may have a different procedure to request a half-day off.

Most of them have an electronic platform where you need to request “half-day” some others will need it in writing or just simply, by having a conversation with your line manager they would grant you the permission depending on the situation since it could happen that you may need more time than expected.

What are legitimate reasons for missing?

Here we have 10 legitimate reasons for missing a day of work:

– Calling in sick because you are feeling unwell or if you have been injured. 

– Missing work due to a family emergency (e.g. a sick relative, an accident, etc.)

– Bereavement days for a family death.

– House emergency (e.g. flooding, leaking pipe, power outage, etc.)

– Car trouble.

– Transportation issues.

– Taking a mental health day.

– A doctor’s/dentist appointment.

– Attending an event.

– Medical emergency (e.g. urgent surgery).

How do I apply for leave for personal reasons?

Here is an example from that you can modify as needed:

(Subject: leave application to boss for personal reasons)

Respect Sir, With due respect, I would like to request you for work leave. I need this leave on (date) [ For Example: I need work leave on 10th May] or from (date) to (date) [ For Example: I need work leave from 10th May to 13th May] for some personal reason.

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Reasons for half-day leave (with samples)

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