How can mindfulness help in Depression and anxiety?

Depression is a regular pain in the head, which normally occurs due to psychological problems. This disorder occurs due to nerve related issues as well. The person can see things which are not there in the real-life, which often leads to hallucination. Mindfulness is the best technique to overcome this situation. It is a way that can cut all the connections from your past and future and allow you to be in the present time. If you want to experience the best mindfulness results, you must devote some time to yoga and exercise. Let us know how mindfulness helps in depression and anxiety. But before this, we should see the cause of depression or worry.

Reason of Depression or anxiety in the human mind:-

  • Bad relationship:- We might have trouble in relationship with our beloved partner and are in a state of breaking the relationship. Commonly, people undergo depression and anxiety, which cannot be healed until and unless we keep our mind in the present times and not thinking about an experience where we used to be together.
  • Worry about office work: – We live a fast-paced life where we work like machines. We are often stressed about not completing the task in the specified time and meeting the project’s deadline. The fear of incomplete tasks and the commencement of their final date of submission can increase the worry in employees’ minds, and they might take excessive stress. This can cause depression and anxiety in mind.
  • Jealous behavior: – Sometimes we are so jealous of our colleagues when they get promoted, we feel depressed. The reason is we cannot engulf the fact of their success story at all. This tension often leads it constant headaches and pain in mind that can lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Not able to make people understand:- This happens if you have poor verbal and communication skills. It can also happen if the person is not given a chance to speak at all, and he is always made to listen. These types of people often want to stay alone and don’t want to mix up with anybody at all. Seriousness in work is good, but seriousness at all times with no fun can also lead to depression and anxiety.
  • No entertainment:- Entertainment can refresh your mind and give you a feeling of joy and pleasures. The sense of happiness has a great impact on our day to day routine. We are charged up with vital energies, which increase our efficiency and work productivity. On the contrary, if the person is not amusing his or her mind \from time to time, there is a great possibility of suffering from psychological problems or depression.
  • Improper sleep: Sleep is an activity that makes us relax our physical body and our mind. During sleep, our conscious mind stops to work, and the subconscious mind starts our work. This state of mind has immense power to manifest things in life. Improper sleep makes us stuck in a dual state of mind where we are in a confused state of mind of the conscious and subconscious mind. The disconnection becomes \very important in this state that is why psychiatrist sometimes provides sleeping pills to these types of patients who suffer from depression and anxiety.

What is mindfulness, and how is it effective?

Mindfulness is a state of mind where we close all the past or future connections and live the current or present time. This is a type of Yoga that can relax our mind and soul. The best part is that there are no side effects that usually happen when we take chemically treated medicines to control or cure a person suffering from depression. In this state of mind, we are in a conscious state of mind and observe our deep breath. This can reduce stress, anxiety, and worry about the past and instantly give you a feeling of joy and pleasures. The technique of mindfulness involves several activities that can be used to reduce stress. Here are some tips to reduce tension using spiritual powers.

  • Positive thinking: – Positive thinking is the best way to manifest things that we desire to happen. The laws of nature are always working and don’t understand whether your dreams and large or small, good or bad. They are working all the time. It is seen that negative thoughts yield negative circumstances and events, while positive thoughts manifest positive outcomes and events. This is the law of attraction. We should always believe that something ni9ce is going to happen in our life every day and every moment.
  • Enhance our spiritual powers: – Spiritual power can only be increased by loneliness and disconnection from the real world. We have random thoughts coming from all directions, and there is no way of stopping these thoughts at all. However, the good thing is that we can change our focus of mind to something that we want, such that those thoughts don’t harm us at all. This art of changing the focus from random thought to our chosen topi8c can only enhance the spiritual powers through yoga or exercise.
  • Believe in Karma: – It is often said that one who believes in Karma never does wrong things to others. They think that Karma never forgets its path, which means that if you do wrong things to others, then you will also suffer the same in the future. The fear of doing the wrong things can ensure us of being less worried about our future.

Why is mindfulness required in modern times?

Mindfulness has become the necessity of need in modern times, mainly because we live in a world full of stress and worry. The reason for stress and anxiety can be varied. It could be due to stressful work, no sleep, and bad relationship with partners or improper diet. Whatever reason it might be, we must ensure that we are in a good state of mind. If we are always in a state of mind that is stuck in the past, then we might not feel good in the present times. There are many things that we should be thankful to god in our lives. We should have a sense of gratitude that can not only give us positive thinking and wishful thoughts but also provide us immense joy and pleasure of being in the present.

There are many ways to attain mindfulness. Some people use stress balls to reduce their stress at work, while some people perform hobbies during their leisure time. It makes them feel happy and satisfied at the same time. An engagement is taken in the free time, not for any monetary gain or income, but pleasure and enjoyment are called hobbies. It could be gardening, stamp collection, coin collection. Mindfulness keeps us in an excellent emotional state all the time. We behave properly and calmly with everyone without quarreling or shouting on minor things. This peace state of mind is attained by regular yoga or breathing techniques only. It is recommended that we should take the help of a spiritual teacher to learn how to practice mindfulness technique. Without the help of a spiritual teacher, we might get stuck in the time frame, which can be problematic.

How can mindfulness help in Depression and anxiety?

Juanita Agboola

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