Mental health tests(complete overview)

Mental health tests
Juanita Agboola

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This article will be informing readers about tests that measure mental health, tests on diagnosing the mental health of the person, mental health assessment on the person’s mental health, how this assessment is done, online tests on mental health, tests on measuring the degree of mental illness, and assessing the person’s degree of mental illness.

A list of Mental health Tests 
Schizophrenia test
Personality test
Personality type test
What is my personality type
Agoraphobia test
loneliness test
Depression test
Depression quiz
Am I depressed quiz
Do I have depression
Myers Briggs test
Myers Briggs personality test
Myers Briggs type indicator test
MBTI personality test
MBTI test
Bipolar test
Am I bipolar
Borderline personality disorder test
Big 5 personality test
Narcissistic personality disorder test
Avoidant personality disorder test
ADHD test
Antisocial personality disorder test
Anxiety test
Do I have anxiety
Aspergers test
Autism spectrum test
Autism test
Do I have autism
Autism quiz
Bipolar 2 test
Bipolar disorder test
Career aptitude test
Career personality test
Career quiz
career test
Job aptitude test
Job test
Enneagram test
Gender dysphoria test
Jung personality test
Jung typology test-
Narcissism test
Am i narcissistic
OCD test
Personality disorder test
Porn addiction test
Psychopath test
PTSD test
Rorschach test
Schizoid personality disorder test
Social anxiety disorder test
Sociopath test
Sociopath quiz
Temperament test
Trypophobia test
dependent personality disorder test
Goldberg depression test
Histrionic personality disorder test
Neurotypical test
PDA autism test
Trichotillomania test
Trier social stress test
GAD7 test

Mental health tests

Mental health tests are meant to get a piece of gross information about a person’s mental health. These tests give clients data on their mental health state. This state may be measured from years, weeks or months ago. These tests can also find out if the client will be experiencing detrimental mental health in the upcoming dates of the year.

Mental health tests aren’t the only tools to make the client know about his/her mental health. The psychometrician can advise the client for further assessment of the psychologist. This may happen if the results of the tests are indicating that the client may need further evaluation. This means that mental health tests are only part of the mental health assessment process.

Mental health test

Mental health tests can guide the client on the awareness of mental health. The scores of these tests will indicate an interpretation of the client’s mental health. This interpretation is dependent on the measured construct of the test. This construct is relevant to the concepts of mental health such as depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis, and persecutory ideas.

Mental health tests can be taken with a group or the client will have an individual test-taking with the administrator. The administrator of such mental health tests should be licensed on the realms of mental health. This can reassure the client that he/she is being handled by a trusted professional. This also makes t results more systematic and formal than biased by personal prejudices from a non-professional.

Quiz on mental health

Various quizzes are available to create a quick look on the client’s mental health. Online websites administered by psychologists are usually advertising tests for audiences. Websites are offering quick psychological tests for the knowledge of the mental health of the clients. Viewers are warned that some of these online tests may be utilized for entertainment purposes and not for the assessment of mental health.

What mental illness do I have

Various online tests are trying to measure the potentiality of someone having a mental illness. Visitors should be warned that most of these tests are not standardized in the psychological community. This means that the visitor should not take the results of these tests too seriously. Mental illnesses are still controversial issues in the psychological community since most of these mental disorders don’t follow the diagnostic signs in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) which is available on this website.

The website called Psych Central offers psychological tests that measure the person’s degree of having a mental disorder. For instance, this website has a test that measures if the person has a narcissistic personality disorder. Psychology Today also has a mental health assessment for visitors who are interested in knowing their mental health. Clients should be reminded that these online tests only give a brief description of a person’s mental health.

Mental health tests(complete overview)

Do I have a mental illness

This kind of question through informal assessment tools, psychological tests, and self-monitoring. This question may also elicit in the person to self-diagnose based on the diagnostic system of mental disorders. Psychologists suggest that it is not healthy to self-diagnose and it may also be biased if morality and religion are involved in this kind of process. Instead, it is recommended that people list some of their mentally ill thoughts and consult their general practitioner about these thoughts.

Informal assessment tools are accessible in the online world. People can search for websites that have tests that can measure the current mental health of the person. The person can also find psychologists to deal with their problems and use standardized tests to help the person know that they may have a mental disorder. You can learn more about mental illness by buying this book on this website.

Mental disorder test

A test on mental disorders should be accredited to the DSM-V. This kind of accreditation is necessary since mental disorders should be measured using a standardized diagnostic system. This is also recommended so to not overdiagnose or underdiagnose people who are susceptible to these mental disorders. A test on mental disorders should also be standardized to people who are diagnosed with mental disorders so that the test can measure precisely the person’s susceptibility to mental disorders.

Mental health assessment

A mental health assessment is when mental health comes to an evaluation based on the gathered data on the client. The assessment has several tools needed. These tools may be based on the problem presented by the client. These tools are physical examinations, mental health history, physical health history, and self-presentations.

Physical examinations may indicate that the client’s problem may be caused by a present physical disease. The mental health history can give the therapist a clue on what may be causing the client’s mental illness. The physical health history of the client can be of the interpretation of the client in the assessment report. You can learn more about mental health assessments by buying this book on this website.

Mental health quiz

Mental health quizzes are accessible in online platforms. These platforms are dedicated to making the world learn more about mental health. The CDCC website has made a test on the prejudices of the person about mental health. This test was made to let the person know how stigmatized mental is in his/her mind and can help the person learn more about mental health.

The Epstein Mental Health Inventory is a test that measures if the person needs therapy. This test can help people realize that they are having mental health issues. Sometimes, people aren’t aware that they have mental health issues. This is why Dr. Epstein made this kind of inventory since people need help from professionals that may benefit them in the long run.

What mental disorder do I have

Quizzes that aim to detect if the person has a mental illness are giving people the chance of being aware of mental health. Some people are afraid of knowing that they have a mental disorder. Some people are persistent in keeping it in themselves, even if this may hurt them in the future. This is why these kinds of tests are made but some online tests only give a brief description of the person’s probable disorder which the person can’t take too seriously.

Mental health tests(complete overview)

Illness quiz

A website called Illness Quiz has varied online psychological tests for audiences. This website has tests that measure mental disorders, relationships, personality, and intelligence quotient (IQ). The tests that measure mental disorders will give the person the probable mental disorder that he/she may have. The mental disorders measured are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, childhood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, somatic disorders, and dissociative disorders.

The tests that measure the personality of the person are often focusing on common personality traits. These personality traits are agreeableness, optimism, conscientiousness, openness, neuroticism, extraversion, introversion, pessimism, and many more. If you are aware of the Big Five traits, you may have noticed that the five traits are also being measured by some of these personality tests. You can learn more about the Big Five trait by buying this book on this website.

Mental tests

Mental tests measure the cognition of the person. In this case, these tests gather information on a person’s cognitive processes. These cognitive processes are intelligence, learning, and attitudes. These mental tests give insights to people about the current degree of their mental processing which can help them improve if they find their mental processes are getting slow.

Mental health diagnose

Mental health is a broad term for the feelings, behaviors, thoughts, and other cognitive processes in a person. The diagnosis is the conclusion reached from the symptoms manifested by the client. The diagnosis of mental health is different from the diagnosis of physical diseases. The diagnosis cannot be reached through a routine blood test or a brain scan.

Although these tools are useful in finding the causes of any kind of mental disorder. Diagnosis is reached through psychological tools that can help make a psychological assessment report of the client. These psychological tools are chosen by the psychologist or psychometrician considering the possible diagnosis of the client’s mental disorder. You can take care of your mental health and know it as well by buying this book on this website.

What mental illness do I have quiz

The website of Here to Help has a test that can gauge your mental wellbeing. This test can give you insight into how you are mentally healthy and some suggestions for you to get you in better mental health. This website can also provide different kinds of therapies for you to get working on your mental health. The Psycom website also has tested on mental disorders that can give you awareness of your tendency to a mental disorder.

Do I have a mental illness quiz

A quiz on mental illness measures the degree of your tendency to have a mental illness. The results of this test do not mean that you have a mental illness. Most people tend to have a mental illness. Some people just have this tendency in huge amounts than other people.

The Psycom website offers tests that measure your tendency on a specific mental disorder. You can check out this website for tests to measure your propensity to have a personality disorder. If the results show that you have a personality disorder, this does not mean that you have a bad personality. You only tend towards the personality disorder and it is your choice if you wish to consult a professional for this outcome.

Mental health online test

The website of GoodTherapy. Org offers an online screening test for your mental wellbeing. Screening tests are tests that measure the present description of the individual. This means that this test merely measures a quick overview of your mental wellbeing. This test may only be used for present insight and not a thorough assessment of your mental health.

Am I mentally ill

The knowledge of being mentally ill can be found in several aspects of psychological assessment. If you are having indications of being mentally unwell, you can speak to a psychologist in your area or an online counselor. These professionals can give you a standardized assessment that can help you know your degree of mental illness. Self-diagnosis is not recommended since this may cause unnecessary distress on your part.

You can also recommend seeing a psychologist to your loved ones who may have symptoms of mental illness. You can detect if your loved ones are showing these mentally ill signs if they are showing personal distress, disability in daily functioning, danger to themselves and others, and they are showing strange symptoms that are not convenient for your society. Some people tend to make a big deal about online tests that indicate that they are mentally ill. As mentioned before, some of these tests are not made by psychological professionals who can make tests based on a systematic criterion.

Mental health tests(complete overview)

Online mental health assessment

The website of What’s My M3 can provide clients with an online mental health assessment. The results of the assessment are an M3 score which will also give an interpretation of the score. Online psychologists may be able to give clients this kind of assessment. This is used to help psychologists understand the client’s problem and find the causes which can help with coming up with treatment.

Do I have a mental illness test

Tests about do I have a mental illness are not meant to diagnose yourself with a psychological disorder. Some tests are used for entertainment only. Most people find the results of psychological tests amusing. Psychological tests must be standardized to meet proper goals such as knowing that the person has a mental illness.

Studies have shown that most people have a mental health problem. Although not all people are qualified for a diagnosis of a severe mental illness. Mental illnesses are brought forth from extensive research on admitted people. This kind of background should be manifested on the psychological test.

Do I have a mental disorder

A mental disorder is considered as a severe form of mental illness. The knowledge that you have a mental illness doesn’t mean that you have a mental disorder. You can find online psychological tests from experts in online therapy websites. They can offer you psychological assessments to know that you have a mental disorder.

Mental illness quiz

Quizzes on mental illnesses are found on the internet. These quizzes focus on how the person knows about mental illnesses. In a way, this is a test that can find out stigmatized perceptions in some people. These stigmatized thoughts may come from media representations of mental illnesses.

These quizzes are anonymous. This means that the results will not be shared with anyone else. The test-taker can enjoy these tests to find out his/her knowledge of mental illnesses. This may also inspire people to learn more about mental illnesses. Most of the time, mental illnesses are fun to learn but don’t use this knowledge to diagnose yourself.


Mental health tests serve the purpose of giving clients a brief interpretation of their mental health. Warnings were made about taking interpretations from tests that were made by non-professionals of mental health. Psychological tests are meant to be kept confidential for the client. You can comment below on your experience with standardized and non-standardized psychological tests and make recommendations on the best psychological tests you have taken.

FAQ Questions

What is included in a mental health assessment?

Things included in a mental health assessment are psychological tests or physical tests such as blood tests.

What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

The 5 signs of mental illness are extreme sadness or irritability, excessive moods, disproportionate fear or worry, withdrawal from loved ones, and extreme changes in eating and sleeping habits.

How long does a mental health evaluation take?

A mental health evaluation takes about 20-90 minutes of your time.

What are the first signs of going crazy?

The first signs of going crazy are mental confusion, rapid shifting of moods, extreme responses, extreme expressions of anger, and bizarre delusions and hallucinations.

How do I heal myself mentally?

You can heal yourself mentally by taking care of yourself through meditating, take a bath, eat healthy meals, exercise, hang out with trusted friends, take a nature walk, and play with house pets.


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Mental health tests(complete overview)