It’s important to regularly track employee engagement – here’s why

It's important to regularly track employee engagement - here's why

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Employee engagement is vital in order to have a productive workforce and achieve organisational objectives. Yearly employee engagement surveys are no longer enough to measure employee engagement and therefore, the impact the workforce is having on a company’s success – as yearly surveys do not paint an accurate picture.

Top 3 benefits of measuring employee engagement are:

Improve leadership:

By measuring employee engagement it opens lines of communication throughout the organisational hierarchy.This will allow for frequent two way feedback which will fuel constant improvements throughout the organisation; as managers will be aware of the needs and wants of their team on an on-going basis. By managers prompting frequent and effective communication, it will improve workflow, build positive workplace relationships and overall help achieve organisational objectives.

Boost morale

Measuring employee engagement frequently will boost morale as employees will feel valued as their opinions on the culture are being taken into consideration and are being used to help shape the organisational culture. Boosting morale is a key to retaining employees and shaping organisations to be the ‘best place’ to work. An organisation that does this, is bound to benefit from positive word of mouth from their employees. Therefore, not only does measuring employee engagement on a regular basis help retain employees but also, attract top talent too!

Create an environment of growth:

By regularly measuring employee engagement you will have reports and metrics to build case studies for new initiatives  to develop and motivate your workforce. These initiatives will promote a positive change culture, and your company will seem open to opinions and suggestions from their employees. By doing this, cultivating a growth environment and showing your employees you are invested in not just their professional development but their personal. This of course will increase opportunities for improvement and engagement.

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