I experimented with my brother

I experimented with my brother

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In this brief guide, we are going to discuss the statement “ I experimented with my brother “ 

We are going to talk about a topic which is not usually discussed but its occurrence is well known.

I experimented with my brother

If you have ever sexually experimented with your brother, stepbrother, or half brother than this post is for you.  The first thing you should know is that you are not alone and you aren’t weird or unusual or crazy.  

A lot of siblings actually experiment with each other. They may experiment because of what they saw on TV or maybe on youtube and some may experiment based on what they saw their parents doing by accident. Regardless of how you got to the point of experimenting with your brother or experimenting with your sister, you’re not alone.

If you experimented with your brother and either of you were much older than the other then there are serious issues here as it may be clear that one of you should have known better. 

Regardless of if you are the victim, feel like a victim, or the perpetrator or feel like the perpetrator, or if this was done by mutual consent or assume it was done by mutual consent, you should report it yo your parents immediately or at the very least to a mental health counsellor at your school, tell an uncle, an aunt but whatever you do don’t let it be a secret you keep to yourself as this could come back to haunt you further down the line.

If it doesn’t hurt you then experimenting with your brother or sister could hurt your brother or sister. In many cases, you won’t be there to see them suffer or be there to see them go through a very difficult time.

Bringing this incident to the attention of your parents or family members is very important. You should forget about what trouble you could be in or how bad of a thing you assume you have done. This will be very irrelevant as to the effects this could have on you and your brother.

I experimented with my brother

Continuously experimenting with your brother

If you find that you have continuously been experimented on by your brother or that you are continually experimenting with your brother then this is something you should certainly seek help about as it is not normal and may cause significant damage to you or your brother down the line.

You shouldn’t accept this type of behaviour and it isn’t normal although a lot more people than you may imagine experiencing these same things. More often than not, people just never report the issues and even when they tell their parents that they have experimented with their brother or sister, the parents don’t seem to do much about it.

Mutual experimentation can almost be forgiven and ignored by parents as long as it is made clear it isn’t right but so many parents simply ignore the issue and move on when one sibling seems to be exploiting and potentially raping the other sibling. Sibling abuse is such a vile thing that we must be brave enough to confront. 

If you report the issue to your parents and your parents don’t do anything about it then go to the police or your mental health counsellor.

In some cases, your mum or dad may have experimented with their brother or sister and hence they aren’t so sure what to do in this instance, how to make sense of any of it or what advice to give. In so many ways they almost become the victims too, with their silence.

I experimented with my brother

Dealing with the memory

Most siblings sexually experiment with themselves and then years down the line have memories of experimenting with their brothers or experimenting with their sisters and have no one to talk to.

In most cases, they don’t even know why these memories come up and how to deal with them.

The mind is unique and usually, when odd events such as this occur, we usually suppress the thought, even though it may have been a confusing, enjoyable or curious experience. The mind will usually tuck away these experiences far far away and we don’t tend to have any recollection of them, not when we are with the other party and not normally.

Every now and then the thought may come up and we begin to wonder if what we did was right, if we should confront the other party, discuss it with the other party and how we should do that.

The first thing to note is that it is normal for memories of you experimenting with your brother or experimenting with your sister to suddenly come out of the blue. 

Usually, there is a reason for these thoughts but you may not be able to place your finger on it.

You could spend weeks, days, months and even years wondering if the memory is even valid or if it is simply in your imagination. Did I experiment with my brother? Did I experiment with my sister?  Did I really or am I just imagining things.

If you start feeling like this and are unable to work out where the emotions came from or how you have found yourself feeling this way then there are many things you can do. The first thing is to seek help from a mental health counsellor.

A mental health counsellor may be able to help you untangle these difficult memories and realised if you’re did experiment with your brother or if you did experiment with your sister and how these actions have affected your life since the events took place.

The first thing you should say to the mental health counsellor is “  I experimented with my brother “. This will break the ice and allow them to begin exploring further.

Dealing with issues such as experimenting with your brother or sister is very difficult and great care is needed from an expert to help you through those difficult moments.

I experimented with my brother

What if you were raped?

If you experimented with your brother or experimented with your sister and this was by you raping your brother or by you reaping your sister then this is a much more difficult issue.

Depending on how much time has passed since the events occurred, you will need to address these issues. Regardless of how old you were at the time, you will need help and you may need to be rehabilitated as raping your brother or sister at any age s a truly horrible thing which you must be remorseful for.

It is important that you seek help immediately if you have experimented with your brother or sister and this has been true rape. 

If you are unsure if you have raped your brother or sister then asking them wouldn’t necessarily be the solution to the matter.  You should seek help by first telling your parents about the incident. 

If you are worried about how your parents may react to the issue then you should consider telling a mental health counsellor who may be able to help you understand what you have done, the effects of these on your life and help you seek further help if necessary.

I experimented with my brother

Seeking help– I experimented with my brother

Regardless of what your situation is or was. If you have experimented with your brother or experimented with your sister you should seek mental health help from a trained and qualified counsellor.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option. Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

In this brief guide we discussed the statement I experimented with my brother. We hope you found the brief post useful and are now able to take any necessary actions.

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