In this brief guide, we will discuss how to talk to a narcissist and get the upper hand in the conversation.

True narcissist dont care how you feel. Although you can talk to them and try and explain yourself and come to an agreement on the situation at hand, they frankly might not care at all. Therefore, talking as though whatever they say won’t have an effect on you is a great way to deal with a narcissist. Therefore focusing on the bigger picture, which is, you want to explain and state your opinion, as long as they is voiced the rest does not matter.

Remember the strength of perspective means seeing the bigger picture. You cannot control or change the other person, but you can take control and impact change for yourself. Ask yourself what matters most in the situation. Do not give the narcissist power over your thoughts and feelings. You are completely entitled, it is important to remember this when talking to a narcissist.

Identify your strengths and use them to your advantage. Whether that is being charming, direct or a good communicator. Remember just because you are not a narcissist doesn’t, mean a narcissist should have power over you, even if they are deemed to have a stronger personality characteristics than you. 

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