How to make a stress ball without a balloon?

How to make a stress ball without a balloon

In this brief blog, we will discuss how to make a stress ball without a balloon.

How to make a stress ball without a balloon

  1. You should place the  bowl on a stable surface
  2. Add a bit of glue to coat the base of your bowl
  3. Then add your shaving cream to be at least 6 times the amount of glue you have just added
  4. You should then use your mixing tool and mix the solution very well.
  5. You can now add any paint you like. (This step isn’t mandatory)
  6. Now add your contact solution and stir until the solution becomes slime.
  7. Take it out of the bowl and place on a flat surface to let any excess liquid off (remember to clean this surface once you are done)
  8. Flatten the slime on the surface
  9. Get your cotton balls and begin to break them down into much smaller balls which are about the size of 3 grains of rice.
  10. Pace them on and embed them on your flattened slime paste once e cotton balls are broken down
  11. Fold up your flattened slime paste and roll it up in a ball. It should feel much more solid at this point.
  12. You should flatten your slime, break down more cotton balls, embed them and roll your slime back into a ball until you are happy with the consistency.
  13. Once you are happy with the thickness of your slime, roll it into a ball.

Congratulations you have just made a stress ball without a balloon. A slime stress ball.

Your slimeball shouldn’t come apart, stick to clothes, rugs or stain any surface or clothes.

If it does then you haven’t done it correctly.

How to make a stress ball without a balloon?

To make a stress ball without a balloon you will need

Shaving cream


Contact solution

A bowl

Cotton balls

Mixing tool like a wooden spatula


You can also watch a video on how to make a stress ball without a balloon here.

How do you make a stress ball without cornstarch?

To make a stress ball with cornstarch you will need.

What you need:


Corn starch


A spoon or stirring tool

Water bottle( which you can squeeze)

A bowl for stirring

Paint or Food colouring (optional)

How to make a stress ball with cornstarch

  1. Get some water and mix it in a water bottle with two cups of cornstarch. Seal the bottle. Shake it until it becomes a bit thicker. Now unseal the bottle, pour the mixture into a bowl and stir it, it should be hard to stir as there should be a lot of resistance as you stir quickly but no resistance when you stir slowly. If there isn’t enough resistance then add more cornstarch and continue stirring. The way the mixture reacts to stirring is because the mixture is a non-newtonian fluid and turns solid when pressure or force is applied.

2. Pour the mixture back into the water bottle.

3. Attach the opening of the balloon to the top of the water bottle. Flip over and squeeze the contents into the balloon until the balloon is full.

4. Taking care not to let any air bubbles get into the balloon, take the balloon off and tie it in a knot.

5. Take another balloon and cut the end off. Wrap this over the filled balloon to cover up the knot and add more durability.

Congratulations you just made a stress ball with cornstarch. 

How to make a stress ball without a balloon?

What is the best stress ball?

There are a lot of very good stress balls but which is the best?

Below are the stress balls we currently consider to be some of the best stress balls available on the market today.

321 STRONG Grip Balls

PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball

InsidersPro Stress Relief Ball

Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit

voidbiov Hand Squeeze Stress Balls Set with Carry Bag

Best Color-Therapy: Stress Ball by Serenilite

Best for Smaller Hands: Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls

What can I use as a stress ball?

There are many things you can use as a potential stress ball if you don’t have a stress ball and don’t have time. You can use balloons, slime, clay and even make your own stress ball.

How to make a stress ball without a balloon?

What’s good for stress?

If your feeling stresses then here are some good things you can do to relieve yourself of any stress.

You can listen to music and tune out. This is very good for stress.

You can cook to destress.

You can go for a run as this is very good for stress.

You can go for a workout as this is also very good for stress.

You can speak to your family and friends about the issues which are stressing you out.

If you are constantly feeling stressed, alone or simply miserable then you may have an undiagnosed mental health problem which you may want to get a professional medical evaluation on.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

How to make a stress ball without a balloon?

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