In this brief guide we cover how to love someone and what you may want to consider when struggling with being able to love someone.

Love them as if tomorrow never comes.

Imagine today was your last day ever, enjoy and seize the moment. Make the most of each moment whilst you can. Love them like they’re the best thing that ever happened in your life. And let them feel it by showing affectionate and by taking an interest in their lives and planning activities to do together.

Be honest with your feelings.

Communicate your feelings, tell the person that you love them. It’s really simple but most people forget about this basic expression of their love. It’s like they avoid letting the other person know how they really feel.

Be direct and straightforward so the person never has to second guesses how you feel.  Simply be honest with your feelings for them, you won’t be afraid of telling them straight in the eye. Be proud of how you feel. For whatever reason your soul expresses such love for them, it does. Do not question it. It’s bigger than you can consciously grasp. So just be honest and tell them. You may not receive the expected response, but at least you were honest with them and with yourself.

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