In this brief guide we will cover how you can help a child who has anxiety in the classroom. The techniques needed arent exhaustive but can be veryuseful if you have a classroom of students who need help with their anxiety or are suffering panic attacks.

1. Get children Breathing Deep

When people slow down their breathing, they slow down their brain. If a child is feeling anxious in the classroom make sure they practice deep breathes and slow their breathing completely down.

2. Get Outside

Being out in nature can also calm an anxious brain. Sometimes just a change of scenery is what makes the difference. Breathing the cool air, or making time to notice chirping birds can also calm an over-active worrier.  Encourage a child to observe their surroundings.

3. Get children Moving:

Exercise helps anyone who is feeling anxious. All of the endorphins that come with exercise are calming to the anxious brain. After a couple of loops around the playground, everything will feel better.

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