In this brief guide we will  talk about how to get rid of nervousness.

If you have a big moment coming up, it’s highly likely that you will be feeling nervous and anxious as it draws closer. You may not able to completely get rid of this feeling, however steps can be taken to control your nerves. You can do this by controlling your breathing, focusing on your breathing, will be able to give you something to focus on rather than your worrying and also help control your anxiousness.  After holding it for a few seconds, exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this until you feel your heart slow and you become more relaxed.

If you are dreading something, it is important to practice and prepare. This will help you feel more in control as you will feel more familiar with the content. Practice also helps if you’re planning to confront someone about something awkward.  Rather than trying to anticipate what will happen, focus on the things you can control and as for the rest, breathe through them.  

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