By changing some lifestyle changes, it may help get rid of your morning anxiety. If by doing the suggested activities below do not help with your morning anxiety, make sure to see a healthcare professional.

  • Practice deep breathing during the day and upon waking up in the morning.
  • Exercise during the day, which reduces anxiety and keeps it at a consistently lower level.
  • Eliminate caffeine.
  • Decrease your exposure to news, as doing so reduces anxiety during the day and makes you less likely to wake up and instantly worrying,
  • Use an alarm that has a pleasant tone; being shocked awake by beeping and buzzing starts the heart racing, setting anxiety into motion even before your mind catches up.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene, such as going to bed early enough to allow for seven- to eight hours of sleep, making your room comfortable, and avoiding using anything with a screen an hour or two before bed can help you get enough sleep so you don’t wake up tired and ill-equipped to deal with anxiety.
  • Notice your negative thoughts and replace them with positive, realistic thoughts. Positive affirmations for anxiety work well for this. Have statements by your bed ready to go in the morning. Choosing a few statements to read and re-read is a great way to change anxious thoughts.
  • Create a relaxing morning ritual to give yourself a pleasant start to the morning.
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