How it Works

We are powered by on demand online counsellors, a growing community and smart self-help tools for depression, anxiety, loneliness and more.

Mental Health Counsellors

Our counsellors will help you get through difficult moments.

Your Mood Diary

Log your feelings whenever you want with the mood diary on our anxiety help, loneliness and depression app so you can keep track of your well-being, see the trends in how you feel and take action to feel better.

Our Self Help Mental Health Community

You will never feel alone with our community of like minded people seeking advice and providing support for one another. Our mental health counsellors will always be available on the community to help you.

Your Mediation Library

Unwind and relax to meditation music available to you whenever you need it.

Self Help Tools

Smart self-help tools to encourage you to look after your mental health on a daily basis.

Multi Language Availability

Our anxiety help and depression help app is available in French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and German

What can our online counsellors help you with?

Anger Issue
Anger Issue
Weight issue
Panic attacks
Health anxiety
Family or relationship issue
Self esteem
Sleep or insomnia
Social anxiety
LGBTQIA matters


  • What is the HFNE app?

    An app with proactive tools to encourage you to look after your mind on a daily basis.

  • Which counsellor will be helping me?

    We have a selection of trained counsellors to choose from.

  • How are the HFNE apps counsellors chosen?

    Counsellors are all qualified and go through an intensive reference process and interviewed.

  • How much does the HFNE app cost?

    The app is free to download! The counselling service is charged at affordable rates.

  • How will I communicate with my online counsellor?

    Everything is done through the app. There is an option to have a video call or just audio.

  • What is the role of HFNE the charity in regards to the app?

    HFNE hires the technology from 1 8 Technology to provide our users with a high quality service.

  • Does the HFNE app substitute face to face therapy?

    Yes you can use the online counselling, instead of having face to face counselling if preferred. As our counsellors are all qualified.

  • Is the HFNE anxiety, loneliness and depression help app right for me?

    Yes of course as long as you are not already at crisis point or need immediate help.

Are you a counsellor?

Our requirements:

  • Proof of bachelor’s degree in a behavioral, social science,or psychology field or equivalent
  • Proof of a master’s degree in mental health counseling or equivalent
  • BACP accredited or relevant accreditation from your local authority
  • Identification documents and proof of residence
  • References from industry peers
  • Able to commit to at least 8 hours a week
  • You must have suitable insurance

Online counselling

Providing access to online counsellors on demand is a big thing for us here at HFNE. Too many people have to wait months for referrals to counsellors. This isn't great and we have done something about it.

Book online

You can book online counselling from anywhere in the world and speak to certified online counsellors based on country, speciality, age etc.


Our online counsellors are available 24 hours a day. This means you can reach them outside of normal working hours and at your time of need.


Our online counselling sessions can be booked through the HFNE app. You can choose to have a secure video session or turn off your video and have a secure audio session. Whatever works best for you!

Your anonymity and security are important to us

At HFNE we give a high priority to data protection

Your communication is encrypted to the very latest security standards and can only be read by you and your chosen psychologist or counsellor.