Hebephilia (A complete guide)


This article will give a brief idea of “Hebephilia”. Then we’ll focus on the difference between pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia and whether it’s a crime or mental disorder.

Then we’ll discuss hebephilia and Michael Jackson and whether porn is responsible for hebephilia.

Finally, we’ll discuss Hebephilia and Sexual Abuse & Assault.


Hebephilia is a sexual preference for children in their early puberty or adolescence between 11 and 14 years of age.

Every individual has their own sexual preferences, some like children, adolescents, some like adult or fully grown people and some like elderly people. 

In many countries, until recently, the consent of sex was 13 years of age and in some countries, it was 14 years.

It is in recent age only when lust for pubescent youngsters has become a crime.

It is not just the consent of the children or adolescents anymore, as these individuals don’t really know what they’re up to, they are not matured.

And therefore, the adult who’ll be responsible to have sex with the minor will have to suffer punishment for the same.

Hebephilia (A complete guide)


All these are basically known as the erotic age orientation-

  • Pedophilia:

Pedophilia is known as the sexual preference of the individual for prepubescent children, which is considered below 11 years of age.

Pedophilia has been considered as a mental disorder and is categorized in DSM-5 as well as in ICD-10.

It is considered to be sick to have a sexual preference for a child, children don’t even know what sex means.

  • Hebephilia:

As described earlier, it is the sexual preference for the children between ages 11-15 years old.

Hebephilia has been considered as a crime and not a mental disorder, though there is still a debate going on this topic.

  • Ephebophilia:

Ephebophilia refers to an attraction or sexual preference for children in their late adolescence, between 15-16 years of age.

It is also considered to be a crime in some countries.


Hebephilia has not been considered as the mental disorder in DSM-5 or ICD-10, though pedophilia is there as it occurs more frequently than pedophilia.

The researchers suggest and argue that the idea lacks reliable and valid data and the diagnosis would create a loophole for the criminals.

Well, whether it is considered as a mental disorder or a crime, the debate among the people causes because of the age group that the adolescent age and that how a person can think of having sex with an adolescent.

It is considered as a target to abuse and torture young individuals and is definitely considered as a crime according to the people.


We all know Michael Jackson as a popular singer but we also know the scandals and rumors of him involving in sexually molesting younger boys.

His childhood was also not very healthy and happy, his father had a bad temper towards him and his brothers and sources say that he himself was abused in his childhood by his own father.

And therefore he ‘probably’ was a victim of Hebephilia in his childhood and he himself was a hebephilic in his adulthood.

Underlying Cause:

Having a traumatic childhood and a victim of childhood abuse by his own father can have a bad influence on anybody’s mind.

It is not easy to carry that with oneself throughout life.

These childhood traumas must have been the underlying cause in his case but still it’ considered as a crime.


In almost all the countries child porn or adolescent porn has been banned but still, illegal porn takes over all the internet.

People with Hebephilia might turn towards these porns and give themselves satisfaction, which surely increases the desire for more in these individuals.

It eventually increases the crime rate towards the children.

Other effects of porn can be different roleplays it showcases including school-going girls, it again affects the mentality of the hebephilia and increases their desire for adolescent sex and satisfaction.

Therefore, in some way porn is responsible for Hebephilia.

Hebephilia (A complete guide)


Sexual preferences work fine if there is consent from both sides and if both the parties are able to give their consent.

In the case of Hebephilia, it’s impossible to get consent from the 11-14 years of adolescent and therefore, it invites the sexual abuse and assault.

A Hebephilia might even try this in his own home first and then go on outside. 

Children’s sexual abuse and assault are more commonly been reported by the person’s caregiver, a known person, relative or family member.

A hebephilia will always eye on his target and wouldn’t want to be caught as well and this is the reason why home is the best option for them.  

Hebephilia (A complete guide)


This blog has given a brief idea of “Hebephilia”.

Then we’ve focused on the difference between pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia and whether it’s a crime or mental disorder.

Then we’ve discussed hebephilia and Michael Jackson and whether porn is responsible for hebephilia.

Finally, we’ve discussed Hebephilia and Sexual Abuse & Assault.




Hebephilia (A complete guide)

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