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Guest Post

Are you passionate about mental health, wellness, personal growth and productivity?

If so, then we always consider guest posts about the mental health topics such as anxiety, depression and gest posts about productivity, wellness and personal growth.

If you want to be a contributor and write a guest post for us then please contact us via our contact us page with the subject line “Guest post”. You should also include within the body of your message, the topics you are interested in writing on, the word count and any other relevant credentials such as our website or brief bio.

We will consider all guest post submissions but may not get back to you if your subject matter is out of scope of what we will consider

If you are not sure of what guest posts we will consider then you can have a look on our blog to see the kind of content which we produce and the type of standards which we will expect from any guest bloggers or contributors.

Guest blog guidelines:

  • We do not accept guest blogs which are simply marketing pitches
  • We will accept guest blogs even if you do not have a website or any past blogging history
  • There are no limitation to the links you can have in your post but the final edits will be made by our Editor
  • We will accept most types of Guest blogs such as reviews, stories, experiences or simply thought provoking pieces.
  • Guest blogs must be at least 1800 words but lower word counts(minimum 800) may be considered based on the type of content
  • Guest posts should be in American English
  • Guest posts must have citations
  • Guest posts must contain Amazon product links  or recommended books
  • Guest posts must be provided with a plagiarism report- this can be a free one

Please submit your guest posts to us via contact us through or contact us page or by emailing us at:

Guest Post