Free online counselling chat 24/7

Free online counselling chat 24/7
Juanita Agboola

Juanita Agboola is the editor in chief of HFNE and an expert in mental health online. She has been writing about online behaviour, mental health and psychology issues since 2012. All Guides are reviewed by our editorial team which constitutes various clinical psychologists, PhD and PsyD colleagues.

In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of Free online counselling chat 24/7. You will also find everything about the most popular and easy to access online counseling platforms. 

Free online counselling chat 24/7

What are online counseling chats?

Online counseling chats are online forums, that can be accessed by someone who is looking for like-minded people to meet and discuss their issues and daily struggles. There are numerous platforms that offer Free online counselling chat 24/7 for issues such as depression, anxiety, career counseling, anger management, grief, relationship issues and more. 

Is there a hidden cost?

There is no hidden cost, as most platforms offer this service for free. If you are looking for online counseling and support, most websites will offer you the possibility to access either a Free online counselling chat 24/7 or to book an online therapy session with a licensed therapist. 

Some platforms will charge you for specific services. You will be notified what are the costs. You might even receive an offer as an annual subscription in order to have more benefits. On Talkspace, a famous online counseling platform, for $99/week you get text, video & audio messaging + 4 Live Sessions/month. Your therapist responds to messages daily, 5 days/week. 

However, most online counseling chats are free of charge. We will give you a few options and examples from which you can choose what suits you best. We will also clarify the differences between online counseling chat rooms and online therapy sessions. 

Online counseling chat rooms versus Online therapy sessions

Many people are attracted to the idea of online counseling. There are lots of platforms that give you the opportunity to access a Free online counselling chat 24/7, for whatever your reasons are. Maybe your anxiety won’t let you sleep, you had another fight with your partner, or perhaps you just had a bad day. Why not access an online counseling chat room and speak to people with similar symptoms and that ultimately understand you the best? 

Keep in mind, that chat rooms are not the same as online therapy for mental health. Online therapy (or online talk therapy) is a therapeutic session with a licensed counselor, psychologist or psychotherapist. Online counseling chat rooms are forums where you connect with like-minded people, that may or not have any psychological background. 

Counseling chat rooms are the best place to vent and talk with peers, and not all chat rooms are run by licensed mental health professionals. Confidentiality is not guaranteed in a chat room.

Chatting with members of an online support group might be good for your mental health, however, support groups are not therapists. We will discuss more of this later at the Free online counselling chat 24/7 – Disadvantages section.

What is the best Free online counselling chat 24/7?

Depending on what your needs and expectations are, there are many platforms that offer Free online counselling chat 24/7 rooms. We choose a few to talk about, some of them with millions of daily accesses. We will let you decide. 

7 cups

 7 cups is an on-demand emotional health service and online therapy provider. 

Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out and will receive immediate support. People connect with listeners on 7 Cups for all kinds of reasons, from how to get through depression symptoms to advise on how to meditate or do better at the workplace. 

7 Cups listeners don’t judge or try to solve problems and say what to do. They just listen and do their best to understand. 

What they offer is Free 24/7 Chat where you can talk with volunteer listeners or chat with others who are going through similar issues in a chat room. You also have the option to talk to a licensed therapist, for $150 per month. 

7 Cups also received the 2016 Stanford Medicine X award for excellence in Health Care Systems Design. According to their statistics, since August 2013 7 Cups had: 

  • 322,350  listeners
  • 1,167,440,706  messages sent
  • 39,061,213  people helped


iPrevail is a wellness program that claims it’s as effective as in-person therapy.  

If you want to be part of an iPrevail program, which is free of charge, by the way,  there are three easy steps you need to follow. 

  1. Take an assessment: an easy and intuitive process with research-based questions that cover many symptoms
  2. Start your program: a customized program with interactive tools and lessons, supportive peer coaching and progress assessments. 
  3. Progress and help others: have access to more resources, additional programs, rewards, and benefits. 

Of course, you don’t have to enroll in a program, and there is a Free online counselling chat 24/7 available as an option, also. iPrevail wellness chats where you can connect to a peer who can listen, and help you set goals and achieve them. The good news is that they have a very secure platform and all their peers are vetted and approved by their team. 


BetterHelp is the largest online counseling platform that can be accessed worldwide. Their main goal is to change the way people get help with facing life’s challenges by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to a licensed therapist. 

BetterHelp makes professional counseling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. The cost of counseling through BetterHelp ranges from $40 to $70 per week and it’s billed monthly. They offer counseling for individuals, couples and teenagers. There is no free online counseling chat room available on BetterHelp. 

An extensive study by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute found BetterHelp to be as effective as face-to-face counseling.


TalkSpace is yet another platform for online counseling that lets you connect with a licensed therapist, no matter where in the world you are. With TalkSpace, you get unlimited messaging therapy, couples therapy, social media therapy and assessments at a significantly lower cost than the traditional in-person therapy.

Talkspace works with many employers, health plans, employee assistance programs (EAP), and educational organizations to make therapy available and affordable. Their therapists are licensed and experienced mental health counselors with expertise in a range of issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and more. 

Talkspace online therapy is typically 80% less expensive than face-to-face therapy and there are several payment options to choose from. Talkspace is a subscription therapy service. All of their subscriptions are automatically charged on a monthly basis. 

  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus: $65/week (Billed as $260 monthly)
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium: $79/week (Billed as $316 monthly)
  • LiveTalk Therapy Ultimate: $99/week (Billed as $396 monthly)
  • Couples therapy: $99/week (billed as $396 monthly) or $89/week (billed $1068 every 3 months).

Free online counselling chat 24/7 – Benefits

  1. Accessibility

Online counseling is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. 

People who leave in remote areas, people that are physically disabled or unable to leave their homes can easily access such services with little inconvenience. Online counseling has also shown to be effective in encouraging children and teenagers to receive therapy as they seem to be more comfortable with using the internet. 

  1. Affordability

Online counselling is considered to be more economical for both the therapist and the client. Therapist do not have to rent commercial places in order to open a private practice, and clients benefit from the reduced charges. 

  1. Convenience

Online therapy is convenient. Both the therapist and the client have the convenience of corresponding with each other at a range of various times. Appointments can be potentially scheduled for over 24 hours and reach a larger geographical region.

  1. Anonymity

Online counseling can prompt clients to communicate more openly without concerns for a bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance. The internet clearly offers a level of anonymity that is perceived by many users as non-threatening by allowing anonymity. 

Free online counselling chat 24/7 – Disadvantages 

  1. Confidentiality and security

Mental health practitioners have an ethical responsibility to protect and maintain the confidentiality of their clients. With online counseling, the security of the client’s records, information, and confidentiality is at greater risk of being inappropriately breached given the written nature of the internet.

  1. Absence of verbal and nonverbal cues

Traditional counseling relies heavily on the characteristics of both verbal and nonverbal cues as a form of communication and as a way of gaining insight into the client’s thoughts and feelings. Online therapy does not give an indication of characteristics such as voice tone, facial expression, body language, and eye contact. This can potentially impact negatively on the counseling outcomes as the therapist has no opportunity to observe and interpret such cues.

  1. Therapist credibility

The client receiving online therapy has little or no assurance about the qualification and credentials of their therapist. This might expose the client to the exploitation of inexperienced individuals. 

  1. Ethical issues

As online counseling services grow and continue to gain popularity, attention will have to be given to the construction of legal and ethical codes. 

For example, if a practitioner does not know where a client is, how can they call for help in the case of an emergency, such as suicidal threats? These are some of the questions that therapists will have to consider before they embark on providing such services.


In this article we found more about the Free online counselling chat 24/7, what are their advantages and disadvantages. 

What you have to remember is that online therapy includes a therapeutic session with a licensed counselor, psychologist or psychotherapist. Online counseling chat rooms are forums where you connect with like-minded people, that may or not have any psychological background. 

Among the advantages of online counseling are anonymity, accessibility and the convenience of accessing 24/7 online therapy. Some disadvantages are confidentiality, security and ethical issues. 

FAQs about Free online counselling chat 24/7

Can I talk to a counselor online for free?

Yes, you can talk to a counselor online for free. There are many options for attending free counseling online. Services like 7Cups or offer online sessions a licensed professional counselor. 

Can you get Counselling for free?

Yes, you can get free counseling for a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, couples therapy and more.

Is 7 cups free?

Yes, 7 Cups is free and appropriate for both teens and adults. While the trained therapists do cost money to access, there is a 3-Day free trial available.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online Therapy can be as effective as traditional face to face therapy sessions. Research shows that cognitive-behavioral therapy is as good on the telephone or over Skype as it is face-to-face. 

How much does BetterHelp cost?

BetterHelp membership plans cost $35/week, with one free 20-minute call per month and extra calls at $29 per 20 minutes. Therefore you would pay $87 per hour for a phone call, which is the typical length of a traditional therapy session.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy is expensive since to receive a license, therapists have to go through years of training before they can actually work. As well, the therapist has to pay tent and utilities for their private practice office, state licensure annual fees, and more. 


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Free online counselling chat 24/7