In this brief guide we will briefly discuss what to do when you feel fed up wtih life and a few key changes that may be able to refocus your mindset and renew your excitement about life.

Life comes with constant ups and downs and sometimes you may be completely fed up with how things are going in your life in that moment in time. So what should you do about it? How can you make yourself feel better?

In order to prompt change it is important to change your perspective on life. To begin with, write down how you are currently feeling, then write down your thoughts. Usually your thoughts and feelings are different. 

Once you have done this, now think forward one year and imagine you are looking back.  Use three adjectives to describe how you would like to be feeling, more often than not, in the coming year.

You’ve just described your feeling state goals, an absolutely critical, and often overlooked, step to creating the life you want. In order to create the life you want so you stop feeling fed up, it is important to outline exactly what you want and importantly how you want to feel. 

It is important to be aware of the feelings and emotions you ought to be feeling. Instead of living a life you think you should be living and not one that you deserve to be living.

Often people think “when I achieve ________________, I will feel valued, safe, confident, loved, successful, etc.”  Instead flip this process around, and beginning with the feeling states you desire, you effectively reverse engineer your way into positive achievements.  

Aligning your efforts with your desired feeling states will tap into a new energy source because you won’t be spending all of that energy on making yourself do things you don’t want to do.

Next, make a list of what you know to be true about yourself, be as specific as you can. This will help shift your mindset from unstable, unsure, to a direct yes or no mindset, that will help you with your decision making and change your perspective in life. From someone who is lost to someone who is finding themselves.

An example of a list is:

  • I love my rabbit
  • I enjoy spending some time outside every day.
  • I love to fish and my favorite place to do that is the open sea.
  • I love to create a home and my favorite way to do that is to garden.
  • I love to cook when I am entertaining.
  • I like being with other people.
  • I love spending time with my cousins

The list you’ve just created is a list of your passions – made up of your values and strengths. No matter what changes in your future you want these to stay the same.

Finally your intentions by writing down what you want from yourself in the future. Whilst you are by yourself and at peace, note down what you want from yourself, again be as specific as you can be.

Use these prompts to help you get clear: “In three years I want to…

  • be…,
  • do…,
  • create…,
  • experience….
  • have….. “

Feeling fed up is an internal message telling you to adjust your course.  The very thing you believe you don’t have time for is exactly what you need to get unstuck.  

Pausing, resting, playing are all recalibrations of the amazing guidance system that you already have within you.  Tune in, give yourself permission to thaw old dreams and imagine up new ones.   

Focus on what you do want vs. what you don’t want and discover that by clear intentions.

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