ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

ENFP anime Characters

ENFP usually likes to be appreciated and acknowledged by others by focusing their attention on new ideas, creativity, new tasks, and also have transmittable energy to use their imagination. ENFPs are very zealous, affectionate, and obsessive about their goals. ENFP not only work for themselves but also acknowledge the fact that other personalities also have some creativity and work with others to discover the hidden abilities in others. ENFP also is known as having a good communication ability such as they are known as active and responsive correspondents also use their abilities to make their communication better with others such as they use their intelligence, absurdity, comedy, and use expressive language while generating an interesting story about something. ENFP is very creative, native, and uses it while making an impression to the world or for the attainment of the goal. ENFP depends on the arts in order to express their imagination, creativity so that others may understand and acknowledge their experiences or work. In this article, we will discuss ENFP anime characters.

ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

 ENFP “The Inspirer” or as I say “Popular and Deserves It”

ENFP has some GOD gifted abilities that they use with a grace such as communication skills, jolly nature, famous among others, mentally relaxed and calm person, and social. But in case of any emotional fluctuation that may be caused by someone who crosses or challenges ENFPs norm and values you may see a different side of the coin. ENFP is natural, sometimes bit insane, and innocent that makes them a good friend also acknowledged among friend circles. The combination of ENFP personality can easily describe their qualities such as the association between the words “E “ and” N “ motivates them to see very little detail and changes in the environment and also trust in their instincts. The association between the words “N and F” makes them a responsive creator also to express their imagination in a beautiful way and socialize with others. ENFPs are not difficult to understand as a person. They also have a strong tendency to be appreciated and admired by others. ENFPs also focus on every possible solution, optimism, moral values, and norms.

ENFP anime character

Some characters can be seen as ENFP anime characters. They rely more on their intuitive ability as compared to sense. They use their intuitive ability in predicting the possibilities related to various things at the same time they have the inspiring, creative, and the ability to be open-minded as compared to knowledgeable and charming. ENFP anime characters also have some weaknesses such as they use their intuitive ability too much in their life and forget to listen to their heart and observe the things with an active mind that result in reaching the bad consequences. But, if they focus more on reality it may protect ENFP anime characters from other damages. A list is presented below that identifies ENFPs while observing the various anime characters.

ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

ENFP anime Characters: Peter Parker as (Spider-Man)

Peter Parker, a well-known character as Spiderman is based on fiction and also acknowledged as an ENFP anime character. Peter Parker is a young photographer who has superman abilities and uses them to help others. In this case, the abilities can be viewed as an alter ego of the original character. He wasn’t social and also viewed as uncooperative these things actually make Peter Parker a unique and innocent man. He also possesses other ENFP abilities such as confused, open-minded, and considers the past experiences.

ENFP anime Characters: Anna in Frozen

Frozen is an American animated film released in 2013. In this movie, the role of Anna can be seen as an ENFP anime character because she was determined and enthusiastic about others especially those people who share a relationship with Anna such as her sister, Olaf, Swan, and Kristoff. She loves to help others by crossing her personal boundary which can be seen in the process of following her sister and persuading her to come back to the castle. She wanted to be appreciated and loved by others which are depicted very beautifully in various scenes such as her unconditional love toward her sister and the animals. She shows the abilities of an extrovert, acts according to his intuition without thinking more about it such as acting immaturely which causes harmful consequences, and also an emotional person such as she is unable to differentiate between her feelings and reality.

ENFP anime Characters: Aang

Aang can be viewed as an ENFP anime character due to his native attitude, moving smoothly, sacrifice for others, to some extent he is quite annoying, creative, imaginative, takes spontaneous actions, and immature. He seems to be filled with some kind of thoughtless ideas that have no value in reality, always seek pleasure by fantasizing about his dream world and ignore the component of reality. Although he wasn’t so good in social interaction with others he has a feeling of kindness, affectionate, trusting others, and also the ability to change his surroundings by using his vision and motivation toward the goals of life.  

ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

ENFP anime Characters: Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima is also considered as one of the ENFP anime characters because she shows the emotional fluctuation in a variety of situations that sometimes cause bad consequences too. Although she believes and works according to their moral norms and values, also using their belief in order to become different and gaining attention from the surrounding by pressuring others to follow the norms. Her feeling of domination can be considered as a result of past suffering and her recent behavior also provides the foundation as defending themselves from any danger or bad consequences.

ENFP anime Characters: Rapunzel

The character of Rapunzel in an animated movie tangled also serves as the base for ENFP anime characters. her first concern and feeling of distress are associated with getting outside from the tower because she has only one person which she believes as a parental figure and she is afraid to leave her alone and enjoy the freedom also her mother created a fake story about the world and the greedy nature of the people that left no hope for her rather than obeying her mother. But all of the above conditions weren’t enough to stop her in exploring the world and act according to her intuitions. At the same time, her frequent fear about the disobedience of her mother, mother reaction and guilt for cheating show her concern for others and an ability to sacrifice herself (stay in the tower while ignoring her only wish to see the lanterns in the sky when she hates to do so) for the sake of others happiness. Moreover, her goal to see the lanterns also gives her motivation and courage to go out and fulfill her dream by exploring the world. She feels happy when she gets to know about others, her good communication skills can also be observed when she persuades wrestlers not to complain about Flynn. She also has a desire to be loved and acknowledged by others due to her good deeds.

ENFP anime Characters: Olaf

In Frozen the role of Olaf is the best fit for an ENFP anime character because he is funny, loyal, helps others such as Anna while searching for her sister and saving her from the cold weather also he sacrifices himself so that Anna has the warm environment that is much needed to keep her alive. He always focuses on the positive side of others and is extroverted by nature.

ENFP anime Characters: Genie in Aladdin

Aladdin was a great movie released in 1992 based on the love and greed of humans. The character of the Genie in this movie was quite inspiring and best fit for ENFP anime character. he has a great ability to give others what they want and have a right to fulfill the wishes of others at the same time he lives in a bottle and cannot do anything for himself and unable to enjoy his freedom and live a great life. All of the above restrictions and hardships were not enough to stop him in order to enjoy his life rather than enjoy his little world. He fulfills the wishes of others rather than demanding anything in return. He was loyal to Aladdin and all the people he met. The song in this movie “Friend like me” is the perfect example of a good and honest friend. Although, he behaved childishly sometimes but never betrayed his friends.

ENFP anime Characters: ED

Ed, Edd, and Eddy was a famous TV show and popular among children. The cartoon show was based on the friendship of three friends who have to some extent equal mindset and personality characteristics. Among all the friend’s Ed can be viewed as having some power of creativity, enjoying his world rather than having expectations from others or spending life according to the standard of the society. He is stupid, but being an idiot doesn’t hide your other ability. He avoids physical activities such as studying or follows the new activities in school instead of seeming to be lost in his thoughts. All of the above qualities make him an ENFP anime character

ENFP anime Characters: Pikachu

Pikachu is an animated character in the famous cartoon program of Pokémon. Pikachu is the best fit for an ENFP anime character due to a number of reasons: his true friendship, loyalty, helping others, putting himself in danger just to protect his friend and friendly nature, and optimism toward tough tasks make her unique and great.

ENFP anime Characters: Emily, the Corpse Bride

From an animated movie, the character of Emily is also considered as one of the ENFP anime characters due to a number of reasons such as her optimistic attitude, her interest in new stuff and apply new ideas, her intrinsic ability to feel sad and depressed when she is unable to get proper attention from others, or the refusal she receives from others that they don’t want to play her games.

ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

FAQs about ENFP anime characters

Who Should an ENFP marry?

In this world, two individuals who are mature enough to understand the differences among individuals are capable of enjoying a healthy relationship but in the case of ENFPs, it is observed that people with INFJ personalities are the best match. Some of the ENFP abilities such as domination, extraverted nature, and intuition are considered the opposite and best for the INFJ nature of introverted intuition.

Is ENFP a good personality?

Every personality is good and unique in its way. ENFP also has a number of good traits such as the ability of communication, sympathy for others, enthusiasm, and imagination. They also have the ability to prove as a leader. They avoid the fixated and structured pattern of daily routine, maintain their focus on the future, and focus on all the options.

What percentage of the population is ENFP?

 According to various online records, ENFP is composed of at least 7-8 % of the whole population. As compared to David Keirsey’s book who identifies the percentage as 2-3 in the world.


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ENFP anime Characters (A Comprehensive Guide)

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