Does tyler1 have autism?

does tyler1 have autism

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In this very brief blog we are going to answer the question “does tyler1 have autism  “

Does tyler1 have autism?

No tyler1 doesn’t have autism or does he. It is hard to say as he has never given to his audience a diagnosis which was issued by a medical professional but rather he took an autism test to determine if he was indeed autistic.

This was done live and you can view the 20-minute video here.

Tyler 1 autism test

The autism test tyler1 took had a scale of 1 to 50. If he was below25 then he was on the autism scale. Tyler1 scored 25 for his autism test, so you can be the judge of if he is borderline autistic or not.

Does tyler1 have autism?

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In this very brief blog we answered the question “In this very brief blog we are going to answer the question “does tyler1 have autism  “

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