Counselling in Woking

We have 158 licensed counsellors serving the Woking region. These counsellors can be booked through the HFNE app and will be able to serve you immediately via video or audio chat.

Why Online counselling rather than counselling in Woking?

  • Online counselling is more cost effective than local counselling in Woking as your counsellor may need to maintain a residence for clients in the region whilst with Online counsellors who are licensed to server the Woking region you will likely find more cost effective options.
  • Counselling in Woking will no doubt be time restrictive, you couldnt for example book a counsellor in Woking within 5 minutes and see your counsellor shortly after.
  • Online counselling is more flexible as you don’t have to leave your house or move as you would if you were to see local counsellor in Woking. You could see your online counsellor for from anywhere in the world.
  • Online counselling is also very secure and private. This means if you are worried about bumping into someone at the counsellors office in Woking then online counsellor removes this risk.