What is CAMHS United Kingdom?

[CAMHS](https://www.halffullnotempty.co.uk/camhs-a-guide/) stands for the CAMHS locations in United Kingdom

CAMHS United Kingdom stands for child and adolescent mental health services.  It is a free service run by the NHS as part of the services for children and young adults.

It’s main role is to help children who have emotional, mental or behavioral issues. 

CAMHS helps with things such as [anxiety,](https://www.halffullnotempty.co.uk/anxiety-help-free-online-help-tips-apps-books-and-guidance/) loneliness, depression, self harm, self abuse, bipolar and more.

CAMHS has various locations around the UK which cover a whole host of mental health issues. The CAMHS locations are staffed with nurses, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, social workers, support workers and other related professionals who may assist the local child and adolescent mental health services team in doing their job effectively.

To get help from the CAMHS United Kingdom location you will usually have to be referred but if you feel you have no one to talk to or no one you can trust with the issues you are facing you can always approach CAMHS yourself and get the help you need.