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HFNE connects you to caring listeners for free emotional support


Counsellors you’ll love

Qualified counsellors that will support you.


Community support

Form a support network of your own through our online community

Well-being Matters

Well-being is very important. The health of your well-being shapes everything else around you.





” The app helped me calm my mind and get a good night sleep!”


wellness for mind & soul

Wellness allows us to look after our mind and soul through short courses, tools, on-demand counselling and a safe community.

With support from our counsellors, we guide you through life’s tough moments.


HFNE app

An app that helps you look after your mental health on a daily basis.

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HFNE conferences

HFNE hold conferences to help empower, energize and educate professionals in order to have a domino effect on the rest of society.

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